Just be.

Just be.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day one

This morning was unique in that I actually received a consolation, I just noticed that while driving to Athens, Texas that everything was okay.

The beauty of the sunrising over the lake was a joy to me, the birds flying over and to many of the truck drivers, no doubt. All the attempts to have union with The Creator cannot create a real meeting of the Universal Mind with us, His children. I am a salesman by trade and it is funny, my greatest joy is the solitude in the automobile. The further a customer is the better I like it. My sweet wife and baby girl are cozy in their dream world and here I go...

God Bless us all,



A said...

It is a shame that most of us spend the day inside mulling over documents and technology. Keep taking in the beauty and sharing it with us, that way we can ride along with you :)

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Dave! I had a similar epiphany as I rode the bicycle from work back to the house one evening. I looked at the moon and saw how beautiful it was.

How can we say 'there is no God' when all around creation calls?