Just be.

Just be.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Solitude and False Solitude

Each of us needs solitude, and our culture attempts to rid our world of this most needed asset. Doctors offices now have TV sets to drive us all crazy as we wait for the pills to make us sleep.

It seems mankind walks around with machines plugged into his ears and the illusion is that  constant music blaring into our brains give us solitude because it drowns out the sounds of birds and keeps anyone from approaching to start a conversation.

True solitude can take place while driving an automobile. Turning off the radio and just driving can bring a beautiful meditation into the path of the interstate highway. Finding out what your own silent thoughts are behind the self-hypnotic thoughts...is a beautiful gift from the world we can not see.

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Anonymous said...

Please do not run over us bicyclists while in your meditative state.