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Saturday, May 7, 2011

the saving love of a mother

Sunday Snippet May 9th
                                                 momma and her granddaughter - 1980's

A mother's love is like no other. Loving us when all others have left us in the desert land alone with the gritty wind blowing the dust of despair. Another name for mother could be hope, for my dear mother never gave up on her prodigal son. Her hope and prayers saved my lost soul. As long as she was alive there just was no way to give up completely to the demons that plagued me in the darkness of the night.

My earliest images, as she packed the home made cakes and other treats to send to my older brother, Max stationed in the killing fields of Vietnam. I was three years old and just enjoyed sitting on the kitchen table snacking on those tiny red boxes of raisins. "David Wayne, honey...now those are for your big brother." She later most likely saved that Marine's life by demanding her boy be sent home early to help our family as my dad fought terminal cancer. Perhaps her prayers saved him as well.

The hysterically funny things she did and her gift for retelling the stories were legend. Born in 1924 to the "greatest generation."and into a coma during Advent of 2003 the night before my wedding and then 21 days in the hospital passing from this "desert land into the great unknown." The power of that moment with her old tired hand in my hand... as the breath of life left her. Well done dear mother, and Happy Mother's Day honey girl.

Good night Momma Dixie,

We love you.


cuatro molinas said...

So sweet.

RAnn said...

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Matt F said...

Hey Dave that was great. Your Mom sounds like truly the greatest. RAnn sent me the post with the link. Your blog is a blessing and keep on posting.

Dave Rosen said...


Thanks for inviting me and for your Snippets.

Victor S E Moubarak said...

Just passing by. I decided to say "Hi".

God bless.

Jennifer said...

Oh I love this picture of Grandma Dixie and I :)