Just be.

Just be.

Friday, August 5, 2011

in the heat of the night

The heat rolls over our hot land like a beast, a living thing. This morning as I watered our withered plants of Basil and Spearmint a thirsty lizard tiredly drinks from a leaf. I mischievously take advantage of his diminished state and carefully catch him. To my four year old daughter's delight I show him to her and she pets his silky belly. We release him onto a giant Elephant ear plant and he scrambles to a safe spot to wait for a meal.

Just before noon the city garbage truck rolls up and the weary trash collectors earn their daily bread and all I can do is offer a word of encouragement, "we are one day closer to Fall!"  he smiles and I think God smiles on him in solidarity as our loving Father. Now the blanket of darkness falls over the scorched land and the night creatures come alive to make their concert to all. More quiet than usual as there is so little to drink unless you are the luck one is my garden.

God, my God, The Holy One I meet in the heat of the night, why do the questions of my heart arise at night? after a day of prayers it is always the same forbearing silence that comes to me in the darkness with answers if my heart is open.

Good Night,

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