Just be.

Just be.

Friday, January 13, 2012

the boiling over of it all

                                                                                                            photo by D. Rosen July 2011

We are witnesses to the greatest revolution-a spontaneous boiling over of the inner person.

Surprisingly it is not the Arab Spring, The Occupy Wall Street crowd, political parties, political races...no this one is deeper and much more of a desperate sort.  Are we to be hopeful or depressed? are we to destroy or build? Love or hate? We are a baffled lot.

Violence and fear rule the night and doubt and faith cling to us in the dream time as we fall asleep.
This spiritual dilemma is one that can not be avoided. Man scoffs at religion yet he makes a religion out of any idiotic thing of his own making as long as it is in his own image.

We have isolated ourselves with our technology when it was to be the answer to all our problems. Yet there is at the same time a new evolutionary enlightenment where millions of people, Christians, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, even secularist and just plain seekers of a Power that is greater than themselves are casting off the chains of their own ego's and saying...I am willing, willing to seek...finding the hidden soul that God knows deep inside each man, women and child.


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