Just be.

Just be.

Friday, August 10, 2012

the presence

The sun rises and God is there. I take out the trash and He is with me.  A madman murders the people worshipping in the Sikh's temple and He is there as well. Even death cannot separate us. The Sikh's do not have a word in their language for death. they say "her work is done here." 

Losing this presence is possibly the worst thing that could happen to me. This ability to speak to Him directly is the key to joy. 

The following is from the writings of an ancient monk.

"He said that a sharp distinction should be drawn between acts of the intellect and those of the will. The former are of little importance, while the latter mean everything. All we really have to do is love God and rejoice in Him." from the writings of Brother Lawrence.


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Anonymous said...

One loses the fear of birth and death in the love of the Lord. (Sri Rag M. 5) They do use the word death many times and in many ways, but the the thoughts are good, no matter what.