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Just be.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sandy Hook

It has taken some time to have the courage to write about the murder of the innocents in Connecticut. What does one say? What comfort can we give? Nothing. There are no answers. It was such a profoundly stupid incident that our humanity was just shaken to the core.

There is no lesson. There is no good that comes from this evil. Yes, God can bring a good out of any situation but this can almost sound like God had a part in this and He surely did not. He allows it and we can be angry that horror floats over our blue planet daily.

For some reason this murder of these bright eyed children haunted me for many days. Was it because I have a bright eyed child of six years of age? I'm not sure. I kept hearing a whisper in the wind saying in a hushed voice..."the horror...the horror."

My wife and I did hold our sweet child more often for several days. The only way to even see a small glimpse of God is to "look for the healers."


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Evangelina Hall said...

Very well said Uncle Dave!! That was Beautiful:)) I have also read your other posts and they are just amazing, makes me really think about everything even life. We all go through so many obstacles in our lives that's what makes us who we are!!! Things that happen to us in this world can not be explained but what you wrote has so much meaning and who ever reads this blog is going to be very touched ;) hands up to you Uncle Dave!!! One thing that I can say is God & Mom new what they were doing when they brought you & aunt Darla together:)) the perfect match made from heaven:)))) LOVE you guys!!!!