Just be.

Just be.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Metal In Our Minds

Our minds are like magnets, picking up all the junk from the playground. "The metal shavings" called old ideas that no longer work. The " bottle caps" of resentments that cause unhappiness. The " rusty nails" of anger.

It takes faith to try a new way of "being" and true faith causes frustration and doubt for we try to hold on to these defects just because we have grown accustomed to them.

If we want true freedom from these undesirable shortcomings then we will need two keys. The first one is called "willingness" and the second is 'humility."

You ask, but where do I start?
The answer is love.

Mother Teresa said it best, "Works of love are always a means of becoming closer to God."

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Dave Rosen said...

Thanks Martin, excellent comments! I will post to the blog, next time please comment to the blog so the world has access.


MARTIN e-mail this direct...
On Sat, Mar 26, 2011 at 6:11 PM, Martin Drew wrote:

Hello David, I'll use the email for comments. Metal in our minds brings to mind the need for priorities in ones life. Also it brings to mind the idea of possessing knowledge which should be of God's will for us to have divine help to get rid of clutter. Love and charity are wide , very wide in its actions which include the corporal and spiritual works of mercy. These actions can get rid of any metal clutter. There is ora et labora which is found in the Benedictine order practiced by the priests, brothers and nuns daily. Work when there is a good result involved gives to the individual an idea of accomplishment for oneself and others. Work is also a very wide use of ones time and it is linked to prayer; which is adoration of God and assistance to ones neighbor. Then you have Fukushima and Descarte. I studied Descarte in the course of the History of Philosophy at St. Mary's seminary and college at Perryville, Mo. taught by the Vincentians, which also included 4 courses on Aristotle, the Philosopher. I follow Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas both of whom Descarte stated that their tracts on Metaphysics, natural philosophy, and Theology need to be changed and almost ignored. Descarte turned all of that backwards. He was harmless for Aristotle and St. Thomas Aquinas remain the true metaphysics and Theology where one cannot deny using the senses to recognize matter and forms. This is the area that Descarte stated needs to be retaught. And with " I think therefore I am or exist Descarte still fell back on the teachings of Aristotle but backwards. Correctly it is " I exist therefore I can think" . No human being can destroy the manner in which the mind works and the elements of meteorology cannot destroy mankind even with a tragic tsunami nor can man stop adoring God due to that. God continues to exist and the corporal and spiritual works of mercy continue. The question is not Why me or Why did God do this? But Who posesses the power to create and conserve beings so that we may adore God and love our neighbor. ? That was my comment also for death on a motorcycle. Then you have God and Charlie Sheen. Here David is a good meditation on imperfections in ones mind. Sheen needs to admit that he has failures and wrong ideas and ask for forgiveness of his father Martin and the producer and cast of his tv show. Here is a need for humility for him to adore God in that way. . Will he?, Can he? There is the ying and yang of belief. Despair and doubt are virtues of the devil and the bad angels.who thrive on them to drag men down to the depths of nothingness in ones mind. David, that is one of the worst conditions to be in for one becomes helpless and is without charity. After the devil stopped disturbing St. John Vianney in Ars France he tried to tempt the priest with despair. Of course St. John resisted it by continuing to minister to his parish. I have never doubted nor despaired, David by constantly recalling my Baptism and the reception of the Eucharist and love of neighbor for the sake of God and adoring God by attention to the Scripture readings at Mass. Ite Missa est, Go the mass is ended which means go out and do what you heard at the breaking of the bread which is how one recognizes Jesus Christ. God bless you David Later SK Martin Drew