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Just be.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ora et Labora - God and the ditch digger

"Ora et Labora"- Latin for Pray and Work

Today while walking into a middle school in Commerce, Texas a man was busily digging a hole in front of the campus. My initial reaction was to be very glad not to be digging. While leaving it suddenly occurred that he looked to be in a deep union with his Creator. Of course he may of been thinking about the pretty new teacher in room 217, and that would be a fine thought for a red bloodied American male digging a hole.

"We should both be grateful that it is not August!" was my comment.  We shared a big smile in the gentle March sunlight.

In the "Apostles Creed we confess the mystery of the Incarnation of Christ, "for us men and for our salvation he came down from heaven..."

He came down, in our culture the idea of coming down to a lower level is unacceptable. So God turns everything upside down.

Low is High. High is low...

If one wants to learn to play the piano he must play the piano. If one wants union with God he must pray. Reading a book about the piano will not make you a pianist and likewise reading the Bible will not make you a saint.

Digging in God's Vineyard for your fellow man just might do the trick.


Darlene said...

Very nice...I like it.

Agnes Regina said...

So very true! (Being a pianist, I can say that the piano analogy is VERY apt -- you have to just play and keep on playing for hours and hours to do it, and to be a saint, you just have to keep on working!)